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Long Time Coming

Amish Buggy

Hey guys! It has been quite a bit since I’ve last updated, but rest assured I regularly check both this website and my YouTube video for questions and comments. It is always very uplifting to read the nice comments of support and care! Thank you!

Living as a junior in college now, I’m feeling as if life is really starting to take direction for me and the people around me. It is impossible to believe that it has been over a year and a half, almost two years, since I got my cochlear implant activated. It is crazy to think of how much life has changed; reading old posts on my blog really turn the clock back so far it feels as if somebody else wrote those updates!

Since I’ve posted, I’ve gotten an amazing opportunity to work for Hearts for Hearing as a hearing screener to the Head Start programs in the metro area. This is a great opportunity for me to work in the field I wish to make a career out of, it is going great so far!

I’m thankful everyday for the changes that have occurred in my life. I can’t help but wonder how life would have been should I have not gotten my cochlear implant. I have become so reliant on this amazing technology, it has completely changed me for the better. Even in the mornings, when I have yet to put on the implant, I feel as if I am missing a major part of myself.

That thought of reliance can tend to be scary for some to understand, but once you become so accustomed to something in your life, you cannot imagine life without it. Maybe you can understand if I switch out the cochlear implant technology for something more common like a cell phone, or something even more basic like electricity? Life didn’t always have those technologies, but I’m sure you can admit that life is definitely better since they arrived. I’m sure that will help bridge the understanding.

Of course, you always have people that break the norm and completely disagree with people using the more modern technology. You have the Amish that object to electricity, and really old people objecting to cell phones. Like those technologies, the cochlear implant isn’t immune to controversy. There is sector of deaf people that object to cochlear implants. One of the many reasons for this blog is to help people understand cochlear implants aren’t as evil as they can be made out to be.

Oftentimes people, when they learn of my story, ask how I ever managed before I got my implant. They oftentimes ask how I ever became acclimated and so well adjusted to such technology. They wonder how I manage. People oftentimes ask what things sound like through a cochlear implant. I’ve even had some blonde girl ask if she could put it on….

Yes, I let her try…

For reference, this video is what a cochlear implant sounds like, I think it is at 29 seconds, but look for the one that displays listening through 20 channels.

Many don’t believe me, or they give me an astonished look when they learn of what I experience. Oftentimes people don’t understand why that technology is so “outdated” or “old”.

Everybody admits that this technology isn’t perfect, but for specific degrees of hearing loss it is the best available.

People ask how I manage to hear like that. Honestly, it is all I’ve ever known or remember. The technology isn’t perfect, but it has changed my life and my quality of life for the better.

Learning to use technology like the cochlear implant is a very personal experience, but it requires a vast amount of support from the people around you. My family, my best friend, my girlfriend, and other close people in my life have been a tremendous support structure for me.

I write this blog not to brag or solicit sympathy, but to inform. Before I got my implant, I was completely unaware of the fact that there was a whole range of experiences that my friends with implants were experiencing that I had yet to understand.

This experience opened me to the idea that everybody has personal experiences that aren’t out in the open. My personal belief is that everything in life happens for a reason, and that everything happens as a form of a lesson to build on.

I feel that if I am able to help inform one person about a part of society that they didn’t know about, it was worth it to write this blog. I always strive to not fit into typical stereotypes concerning people born deaf. I have also always tried to change other people’s opinion about others who have implants and hearing aids. I hope this blog did it for somebody out there!

I hope you guys have a great week! Thank you for reading!


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What a Week!

Hey guys, I hope you had a good week!

It is really weeks like this that really put things into perspective for you. I had a really rough one for sure. My mom was rushed to the hospital and I was thrown into the reality that I could’ve lost her forever on Monday night. It wasn’t fun, but thankfully she is at home and okay now.

I had a good friend of mine’s cochlear implant actually go out like the recall predicted. She’s got the exact same model as mine and she’s gonna have to go to the hospital and receive another surgery to get another internal piece. I feel awful for her because she’s literally sitting in silence right now while mine still works, and the outage could’ve just as easily been mine as it was hers.

I had somebody in the class above me from high school die mysteriously right by my house in Edmond, she had a terrible car accident and passed away.

It was hard this week, but I had to keep looking at the positives that are given to me within my daily life. Yes, there is a risk that my cochlear implant will go out just like my friends, but that is no reason to get upset or to be upset with Cochlear about it. I’m really thankful that my cochlear implant has lent me the ability to hear for the time that it has and I’m thankful for the ability to hear while I have it. If it does decide to go out, I’ll get another one!

I’m even more thankful for my family now that I’ve been shown how easy it would be for one of my family members to be jerked from my life. It was that coupled with a friend from high school dying that really freaked me out. It really taught me the lesson that life is short and I need to appreciate every little thing I have because I never know when my situation will change. I try to treat every person I come across in life with the most respect I can. If they are rude, I pray for them, even if it is sarcastic. I’m hoping God gets some kind of humor from my prayers. It seems to work.

I try not to hold grudges about things. Because more than likely, the grudge is stupid. Life is so short and we all have such short times with each other. It is so stupid to spend our time with each other angry and rude. Frustrations only make our attitudes negative instead of positive. Even if I feel like my anger or frustrations are valid, I try to just overcome them so that I may be able to preserve a friendship with the other person.

A good example was the other day, somebody grabbed my cochlear implant off of my ear and hid it from me. I believe I had every right to be angry and tell them off, but what good would that do? I got it back, it was fine, the worst thing that happened was that I was deaf for 2 minutes.

Well… I was deaf for 19 years before I got the implant, so big deal.

My point that I’m trying to make is that I try to calm down before I speak so that I don’t do something I’ll regret. Many people don’t understand deaf people or cochlear implants. By getting angry and throwing a fit, that doesn’t benefit anybody. They will immediately shut off anything I say. By staying calm, maybe somebody will actually learn something. I try and educate people everyday, because as anybody that knows me should understand, there is more to deaf people than sign language and interpreters.

I hope that somebody gained a lesson as I have from this hellish week, I’m hoping next week is a little bit calmer. My Youtube video has gained tremendous popularity since about two weeks ago, which is awesome! I think it is great that people are interested and are learning about cochlear implant activations.

Have a good weekend guys!


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