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People Nowadays

People in this world nowadays can be surprising. I try not to take things personally when negative things happen towards my way, but sometimes it can be difficult.

Lately, there has been more and more difficulties leading up to the surgery. I’ve had some possibilities of people who once said they were going to assist with surgery (they said they would pay around $5,000), and now there is a chance they won’t. Medical bills have been adding up, bills that I believed to be covered by insurance. Now I will be having to pay them out of pocket.

I’ve also been having difficulties in classes. I’ve been having difficulties with my professors understanding what is going on with me, and it is reflecting in my grades. These are participation type grades such as “he ignores me”. I don’t blame them in any way because I cannot expect them to understand. I just wish they were more willing to work with me. I’ve also been having more difficulties with getting along with some people who are my friends here at the University. Some people are getting more and more frustrated with me because I can’t hear or understand what they are saying. I’m doing my best to work with the professors here to find out if my grades can be talked about, because I believe what has occurred to be unfair.

It has been no secret that I have been considering a different major in college. I haven’t made any major decisions because I believe that a lot of my stresses are stemming from the fact that I haven’t had the surgery yet. I will wait until spring to do so. If you would’ve asked me last night, I would’ve been out of this program tomorrow. But I thought long and hard about it and decided to not make any irrational decisions. I took what occurred personally, and I believed it to be a personal attack on me.

One thing that every person in this world must do is they must observe their own limitations. Everybody in this world has limitations, although mine may be in hearing. Others are in different areas. But what we all must do is see if these limitations are going to affect what you want to do in life, and see if you can overcome them.

But I want everybody to be aware that I have always done my absolute best in everything I can do. I have never once half-assed anything when it came to proving myself. I have always tried to be somebody that people can be proud of. I thrive on that kind of stuff. I’m sure things will improve soon, I’m just stating my observations for the past couple of weeks.

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