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3 Days!

Yes, that is right. In the number of days it took Jesus to resurrect from the dead, I will have my hearing in my right ear. Three days. It’s weird to think that something I’ve been waiting so long for is finally coming and is so close.

I’m pretty nervous to hear what everything is going to sound like. I mean if you simply Google “what a cochlear implant sounds like?”. You get about as many theories as there are how the earth got founded.

For instance:
1. Some people describe the activation of the cochlear implant as buzzing.
2. Some people say it sounds like bells and dings. (?)
3. Some people say it sounds evil. (The boy fell from the window)
4. Some people say the sound sounds mechanical. (I’m betting on this one)
5. Some people say the sound is overwhelming. (Pansies)
6. Some people say voices sound like chipmunks (Some people already do)

*There are many, many more descriptions.

I got to wondering: Why do so many people say such radically different descriptions about the same subject. Then it hit me, it’s because some people saying this don’t know sound before hand. They are just saying weird things to try and describe their newly discovered sound to their hearing-enabled friends. It is like asking a blind person to describe what they see (i.e blackness, darkness, little bit). They just don’t know because all they ever knew was being blind. If they got there sight magically, they may not know how to describe to you the sensation to gaining sight.

Luckily, I know what sound sounds like from my left ear. My right ear doesn’t know sound. So I’m getting the best of both worlds. I’m very anxious and excited at the same time. I can’t wait to hear certain things and I’m looking forward to it! I will definitely tell you my standpoint of what it sounds like from my newly activated cochlear implant. It will take several sessions of therapy to understand the sounds, but I’m ready to go.

Thank you guys for the continued support and prayers. I hope you had a Good New Years!

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The Man That Left For Dinner


pepsi (Photo credit: *Sally M*)

I’m sitting here in the greenroom, not much has occurred these last couple of days since my last update. I’ve been basically going through all of the end of the semester things that a usual college student would go through, worrying about finals, finishing up papers, crewing my show for the semester, preparing for cochlear implant surgery. You know, the usual stuff.

I oftentimes have some different worries or things on my mind that I have to deal with, being a deaf college student. Stresses that other students wouldn’t have to think about. These worries are more common for your average 72 year-old grandfather walking the street. Nonetheless, I deal with them.

One thing that is common about all deaf people using assistance devices of any kinds, is that they have to constantly worry about batteries. I know I’ve mentioned this before in a previous post, but this is very important. Whether it be for the wireless microphone, your hearing aids, or your cochlear implant, it must be on your mind. The feeling of having a battery go out and looking in your backpack and realizing that they are all gone is to the equivalent of waiting for that text message from that hot girl you’ve been talking to, and then having your cell phone go dead. It isn’t a fun situation. So to relieve that stress, one often carries more than one pair on his person. Such places can be in a backpack, pocket, hide them in the electric shop, whatever works. They are my drug, and energizer is my dealer.

Another thing that you must always think about, is how loud you are talking. I’m constantly doing a mental volume check on my speech. Now somebody who has normal hearing obviously does this subconsciously, but to me, you must always do that. You definitely don’t want to be talking too loudly in class, or in a public place and draw too much unwanted attention to yourself. Believe me, from somebody that knows, you don’t want that attention because you just yelled what could be perceived as weird, dirty, gross, inappropriate, or distasteful, when in reality your honestly just trying to have a private conversation.

Another thing that you’ve always got to think about is your surroundings. Now I wasn’t going to say this because I believe this should be a common worry for everybody. Such as worrying about cars, bikes, or… trees. But anyways, I wasn’t going to mention it until yesterday. Yesterday I was walking to class when I noticed people kept looking at me.

A lot of people.

Like everybody.

And there grandma.

As it just so occurs, after my daily coffee run, there was a Coke truck behind me on the road honking his horn and trying to get around me, making very Jesus-like gestures. Apparently he had been following me a long ways and I hadn’t heard him. I was in the middle of the road.

So I did what was smart, I turned around, pointed at my ears and got out of the street. He blew his horn as he sped by.

I don’t even like Coke, I’m more of a Pepsi man.

Have a good day tomorrow folks, enjoy a Pepsi Cola!

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