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Post Surgery

An operating theatre (gynecological hospital o...

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I am now in the period of time that is considered post surgery, pre-activation. What that means is that I cannot hear a thing out of my right ear, and I do not yet have the processor to go with the internal component. I will be receiving that January 5th. It seems as if though somebody put ear plugs in my ear, and then put duct tape over them to cover any sound going in, because now I will never hear without the processor.

So let me talk about yesterday for a little bit: After fasting for a while, I went to the hospital to have this life changing operation. When I got there, they registered me and took my blood work. To get my vain to show, the nurse gave me a rubber peanut to squeeze, and when she gave it to me she just said squeeze and release the peanut. Due to my severe state of deafness, I thought she said squeeze and release the penis. That got the day started off just right. We all laughed.

After waiting for awhile, the director of the School of Drama showed up amongst other people to show their support for me. That meant a lot to me. I was severely nervous as to how this operation was going to go. I already had an IV in me and I wasn’t sure as to how I was going to hear after the operation, let alone how much pain I was going to be in after the fact. Having all of those people there for me, and having all of the people call and text me was great and that provided the support I really needed.

After waiting two hours, I was called to go into surgery.

This was the moment I had been waiting for, the final moments with my right ear. After this surgery, I will never hear anything naturally out of my right ear again. Not that I had really been getting any sounds out of it in the past five years, it was just the permanent part of it that was hitting me. I said goodbye to everybody that was there to support me, and I went back into the Operating Room.

When I arrived into the room they laid me on the table, after undressing me. Wondering why they were undressing me, they told me it was just in case they needed access to other parts of my body during surgery.

Well that got me saying my “Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s”.

After laying down, the anesthesiologist came into the room. He asked me if I had any more questions about today’s operation. I told him no. Then he said, “Well okay Connor, The next thing you will remember is being in mid-conversation with your family”. To that I responded with, “Well uh, thanks. Merry Christmas then?” They laughed and I passed out.

He wasn’t lying, the next thing I remember is being in mid- sentence with my mom. Talking about some picture that my friend drew me, something about Pierre or something. I don’t know.

At that time, I was feeling fine. Then about five minutes later, the numbness wore off. Then the worst pain I had ever felt started to hit me. It got worse and worse and worse. I let the nurse know, and she gave me some medicine. Apparently she gave me too little of a dose, and she couldn’t do much about it without the doctors consent. So I had to foot the bill of her mistake with the immense pain I was in. It was horrendous.

I had never felt such pain in my life. Every bump in the road, every turn in the car, every step to the house, felt like a gunshot to my lower ear. It was bad. But I had been given medicine and I was for sure going to take it.

Fast forward six hours, and I’m feeling more like myself now. I’m still sore but things are much better. I had slept through the pain and now things are getting better. It literally went away through the sleep and the chocolate milkshake I had.

Next Day (Today):

I had a check up with the doctors, he removed my headdress and checked the incision. He described to me about how my surgery was a little more difficult than some others. My main artery in my neck runs up by where the implant needs to go. Which is unusual, it is supposed to be much lower, but my anatomy is apparently “weird” and it took him an extra hour to work around this artery. That freaked my family out a bit yesterday because I went way longer in surgery than normal.

So, I’m feeling better now, my head is shaved, my hair (that is left) is now clean, I’ve taken a bath (no showers until Friday) and I will keep you posted on my state of being over the next couple of days.

Thank you very much for your support and prayers, they kept me safe during the surgery when the surgeon noticed the artery!

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