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Various Updates And Such

Generic dashboard shot

Generic dashboard shot (Photo credit: SpaceAgeSage)

Well it’s been a few days since I’ve been activated, so I thought I would update everybody on my progress with the new-found hearing and stuff. Things are definitely different for sure. For starters, let me list the things that I’ve found that I either like hearing or that I had never heard before that I found interesting to hear.

Things I had never heard:
*Peeing. (I already told you that)
*My TV remote clicking.
*The “low gas” ding in the car. (Scared the crap out of me)
*The heater. (Also scared me senseless, I left the house)
*The keyboard clicking.
*The smacking of gum. (That will get annoying for sure)
*The way that brushing teeth sounds.
*The freaking loud “Whoosh” of the toilet. (Holy crap)
*Some parts of some of my favorite songs, all of the songs sound different now for sure. I like it though.

Sounds I like hearing:
*I like the fact that I can hear almost everything everybody says.
*I like hearing the lyrics of the song, not just the beat.
*Some different parts of people’s voices, like the “s” and the “sh” sounds that I had never heard.
*There are many more, but they fall under both categories.

I’m still working on understanding and comprehending all of the sound, but I am doing much better than anticipated. The therapy is tiring, but going well. I’ve also got home therapy that I’m supposed to do, that is very difficult. Basically that composes of listening to sounds, and they tell me what it is, there is over 2000! The therapists make me do all kinds of things I don’t much enjoy doing, like forcing me to talk on the cell phone on that side and talk with only that side on. That really sucks, but that is the only way I am going to learn to comprehend sound. I am very appreciative of what they make me do, because I know I wouldn’t make myself do it. They are awesome.

I can understand why cochlear implants have a small failure rate as well. These things are freaking frustrating. (I’m not complaining, I’m very happy with my decision and very happy with the outcome, I’m just trying to justify a reason for why other deaf people may not be as successful as I have been). But I mean I can understand both sides. The cochlear implant falls off much easier than the hearing aids, that is annoying. I’m gonna get that fixed for sure.

The sound is so much different after activation, and for life all around. That can be a little ground shaking. I mean think about it, you live one way for 19 years, than one day it all changes with the click of a keyboard. Everything you ever knew was different. Sounds from your TV to your kitchen sink to your own mothers voice are now unfamiliar to you. That could be a little difficult to withstand for some people. Some people could just give up if they don’t have the proper support system that they need. I have been very, very fortunate to have a great support system at home, in Edmond, in Norman, and at that office with the therapy.

I’m very happy with the decision I made, and I would encourage anybody else who is questioning getting this surgery to definitely get this. But be prepared for a lot of work post-surgery!

Thanks again for reading, I’ll update as soon as I have more to fill you in on!

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