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No Air Conditioning

English: Series of air conditioners at UNC-CH.

As I’m writing this blog, I’m experiencing the beginning of my house loosing the nice cool air and having it replaced with hot, unwelcome air. It is definitely an unwelcome addition to my house after having worked two doubles and after going to church this weekend. It’s situations like this that make you appreciate what you have when you loose it.

That is what my topic is for today, appreciating what you have before you loose it. Now, I’m sure everybody has heard this saying a million and one times, but it still sucks just as much when you have to face the downfalls of not listening to the saying. This saying could apply to anything; not appreciating a nice car you have, not appreciating a good person in your life, not appreciating a good job, or not appreciating yourself, but it always sucks when you loose something you care about or something happens to you that you were not expecting.

I’ve recently suffered the major downfalls of not appreciating what I have. Not to say that I’m going anywhere or doing anything, but I’ve had to suffer the consequences of not taking advantage of every situation I could.

I feel like everybody needs to experience disappointments in life so that they may come to appreciate all of the good that life and the people in it has to offer. Believe me, everybody at one time or another experiences major setbacks in life. That’s what makes it life. If it was heaven, we wouldn’t have to deal with that. But we aren’t yet in heaven, so we still have to deal with the stress and anxiety that all this life has to offer. But there is still good in life, you just have to sometimes look harder for it some days than others.

A good example of this, I went 19 years of my life with having extremely poor hearing on my right ear. I didn’t hear much sound on that side at all for most of my life. If I ever did, I don’t remember. Than, one day I got it turned on. Now, that was one of the best days of my life, but it took a long journey to get there. There were many days of disappointments and despair before approaching the January 5, 2011 activation date. Now, I am much less stressed out about that. Had I not experienced the anxiety and learned to appreciate how it feels to be deaf for the majority of my childhood life, I wouldn’t know how to truly appreciate the gift God gave me.

I believe that that philosophy is everywhere in life, you just have to keep your chin up in times of difficulties and just push through it. I’m about to go take a cold shower to get rid of the heat stroke I’m about to go through due to no A.C.

Have a good week guys!!


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