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It’s Been Awhile

Hello to all, I hope that this blog finds you doing well. Personally, I’ve been doing pretty good. I’ve been very busy due to the fact that I am experiencing the end of the school year push, and it is hitting me hard.

Since most people now know, I’m going to make it known to everybody on here. I’ve made my mind up for sure. I’ve since decided to remove myself from the School of Drama’s technical theatre program. I will now be perusing a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders beginning in the fall. I will be doing that to become an audiologist. Interestingly enough, many people do not know what this is; lucky for you, I do and I’m willing to tell you!

An audiologist is somebody that runs tests on people that believe they have a hearing loss, or balance disorder. After the tests are run, if the person has a hearing loss of some sort, the audiologist fits the person with the right things to ensure that the patient will be successful throughout life with the equipment. The audiologist can fit the person with hearing aids, a cochlear implant, an fm system, a bone conductor system, or a combination of the above.

My personal goal is to become a pediatric audiologist. I want to diagnose hearing losses in children so that I can help the children early on in life to get them started on the road to success, just like it was done for me. I believe I would have the upper hand in assisting parents make the correct decision about how to approach the situation, considering I have been through every stage of the hearing loss spectrum. I believe that I could relate to the patients as well, believing that I would be able to help and understand in ways that the average audiologist cannot do.

Surprisingly, I have experienced setbacks with this goal. Many people have questioned me as to whether or not I will be able to be successful in completing my goal to become an audiologist. Some thing it is a poor choice for me to choose to move to this field. They are wrong. I believe that this career is definitely for me. I’m not going to sit here and define every reason for why it is the right reason. But I’ll tell you why it isn’t the wrong decision:

I will be a hell of an audiologist.

Many people like setting little markers for me in saying how much responsibility I can have, or to what capacity I can do something. That is ignorant. They will find out one day, not far from now, that I was able to complete my goal very successfully.

I am looking forward to the days when I can help people with the same circumstances that I’ve been through.

My cochlear implant has been nothing but good news, I’m still to this day recognizing new sounds around me, but the difference is that I’m starting to recognize the sounds as opposed to always wondering what it was.

Every morning I start my day silent, and until I put my cochlear implant and hearing aid on, I’m completely deaf, but when they turn on I am reminded of the array of new sounds waiting for me to hear and learn what they are, it’s pretty exciting stuff!

My Cochlear Implant Activation, Check it Out!

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Video, and Updates!

First off… Here’s my activation video!

Thanks to my friend for getting that recorded and edited and such. Sorry that took so long to get up, we’re both very busy.

Sorry about no posts in months, I’ve been very busy. This semester seems much, much busier than last semester was. Today I’ve since decided to go back to my restaurant job and pick up shifts as needed. I think this time around will be much easier now that I’ve got my cochlear implant! I may ACTUALLY hear voices!

Getting the cochlear implant in January has been a complete life changer for me. I still get asked questions daily about how it is and what it is like after being activated. The best way I can describe it is like having a sense opened up to you in a completely amazing way. It’s like you didn’t have a sense that everybody had, and than with the flip of a switch all of the sudden you can hear the sounds of the world. It’s completely awesome!

I still hear completely weird things that I never knew made a sound. I’ve begun relying on my deaf ear for little things. I’m starting to think my old reliable ear has started to die and I’m starting to rely on my right ear for day-to-day listening activities. The other day I heard chirping birds for the first time. That signaled to me that Spring was on it’s way (or is it already here? You don’t know with Oklahoma…). Hearing that sound was one of the coolest things that I had experienced since being activated.

Most people that read this blog have their hearing, and they never realize what they hear when they hear it. Think about it…. right now your probably hearing all kinds of different sounds while your reading this blog.

For instance, you may be listening to music, hearing the TV, hearing somebody making dinner, hearing the keys click as you are texting on a phone,  or hearing your computer’s motor’s fan, (or in my case I keep hearing my brother blowing on his trombone…). These are all sounds that somebody with hearing aids or a cochlear implant must learn and get used too, and sounds somebody with their hearing takes for granted (which they should, don’t get me wrong!)

Getting the cochlear implant wasn’t an easy decision for me, as many people around me know. There were endless debates and back and forth arguments about it. I changed my mind in my head a thousand times. I got worried, I got sick, I felt excited, I felt nervous, I felt alone a lot, I felt supported, anybody reading this may ask “why?”.

Because your making a permanent life decision. It may not be as successful, and you cannot go back if you don’t like it. Nobody close to me knew what to say, because they had never made that decision for themselves. I am very happy that I decided to get one now that it is all passed.

Something I had to come to realize for myself is that there will never be going back to the old ways of life when it came to my situation. I had to come to accept the fact that the past was the past and I had to accept that and move on. Once I did that, my decision to get the surgery and accept the fact that I was “deaf enough to get it” became much, much easier. I’ve used that philosophy for several decisions in my life, “the past is the past, it will never come back, but this is what I have now and I need to make the best of it for me and everybody around me”.

I hope everybody is having a good semester! Check out my video if you haven’t yet!


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