Just A Funny Story

Many dogs can be trained easily to retrieve ob...

Many dogs can be trained easily to retrieve objects like this stick. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I’ve written about all serious subjects the last couple of posts, I thought I would write about a funny story for this one.

First, in order for you to understand this story you should understand how hearing tests go.

When you receive a hearing test, you go in a booth and they “beep” you in your ears and you tell them if you can hear it. And if you do poorly, they make you do sentences to see how bad your speech recognition is. The sentences would be ones like “The boy walked down the street” or “The mom baked a pie”. Your job was to repeat them. Sometimes I get them right, other times I don’t, it’s a give and take with those tests.

Well one day in the booth, my sentence was “The dog picked up the stick”.

Now most times that would just be another sentence among this slew of fifty I would have to say, but I was about 35 sentences in and I wasn’t really paying attention anymore. I was literally repeating everything I heard, whether or not it was filtered.

I heard “The dog played with his stick”, so that’s what I said.

This type of thing happens all the time, but I had the audiologists office rolling in laughter. Apparently it was quiet hilarious.

Here is some more questions:

A question that comes up a lot to me is, “How can you hear on cell phones?”
Well, I’m going to answer this question (hopefully once and for all ha ha). My hearing aids have a telecoil mode. This mode allows for all connections that emit a signal from the receiver to be heard. Obviously normal people cannot hear this signal, but hearing aids (and cochlear implants) pick up on this signal and allow me to hear the voices on the other end. No I can’t hear your cell phone from across the room, it has to be up next to my ear.

Another question I get: “How long to hearing aid batteries last?”
*My current ones last about 3 days a pair, and are not rechargeable. And cost about 10 dollars a pack. So I’m not kidding when I tell you your wasting my hearing aid battery money! (I’m joking if I ever told you that)
*Cochlear implant batteries, on one charge, will last me a about a day, they are rechargeable for about a year, after that they are $280.00 for one.

Another question: “Do you have a deaf dog?”

Another question: “Can you hear me when I’m behind you?”
Can I hear you when you are in front of me? Things are getting to the point now when I am completely reliant on reading lips, so no.

“Do you wish you were blind instead of deaf?”
No, that is a weird question. That’s like asking if you wish you were born in 1951 instead of 1991. I didn’t choose it, it happened that way. Nobody asked me in my mom’s womb “Blind or Deaf?, decide now or you get both!” It just occurred the way it did. I just accepted my life and have made the absolute best I can out of it because I do what I can.

I hope that somehow, I’m teaching somebody. Whether or not they are deaf, about what it’s like to go through being 18 (almost 19, December 12th, don’t forget.) and being deaf. I hope I’m inspiring people through writing these. I hope I make you laugh a little, or I hope I remind you of a time we maybe spent together and I said one of the things I said in this blog. I’m going to keep writing this blog up to, and past this surgery so that people will understand that it is possible to have a cochlear implant (or any other setback for that matter) and be completely successful in whatever you want to.

Crap, I got serious again.

Have a good day, it’s a wee bit nippy out and I gotta walk back to the dorms later after rehearsal. Ah well.

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4 thoughts on “Just A Funny Story

  1. Anonymous says:

    Once again— great job. Love ya. Aunt c

  2. Allison says:

    It's a wee bit nipply. Ha. I love reading your blog!

  3. Your Personality(which is awesome by the by) shines through in everything you write. You are such an amazing person, and I am so honored to know you deary! Love ya!

  4. Benny Jacobs says:

    Haha, remember that day we were riding around Norman (I think around campus corner) and you picked up the conversation from a couple walking down the street that had hearing aids. That was hilarious, and the look on your face.

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